We Will Fight In Your Honor – And We Will Win

We extend our sympathy and solidarity to the IWW and to friends and family of Heather Heyer, the IWW member who was murdered in Charlottesville VA by racist thugs while protesting the ‘Unite The Right’ rally.

/Update 8-16-17: as events have unfolded over the past several days there are conflicting reports concerning Heather’s membership in the IWW. We based our initial statement on various news sources and social media statements. We regret any additional confusion our statement may have caused. However whether or not Ms. Heyer was an IWW member, an individual activist, or an member of another left organization, our solidarity and commitment to her memory remains the same. An injury to one is an injury to all. /

While we can and should continue to discuss and debate the best tactics and strategy to build the broadest possible fightback against the racist right forces who have been emboldened by Trump, we have to ask ourselves why was the organized left and the black clergy left alone to mobilize against the KKK and the fascists? The rally in Charlottesville should have been met with massive mobilizations, demonstrations and the threat of strikes. Where were the progressive Democratic Party politicians, unions and community organizations that have the organizational capacity to lead the way against the far right and organize mass protests to stop this hate?

Back home in Philly the war against the working class continues. Developers are intent on turning our city into a playground for the rich. Foreclosures continue, rents are rising and working people are being forced out of neighborhoods where their families have lived for generations, our minimum wage has been locked at $7.25 for years, and fiscal crisis lurks under the surface of every city and school district budget.

While our attention is on the events in Charlottesville lets not forget that the Philly Police have shot and killed 2 unarmed men in the past 2 months. Lets have our vigils and grieve for the fallen, and then continue to fight against the systemic violence against working people, poor, and specifically black and brown people, by building a broad multi-racial, multi-gendered, working-class movement to fight for racial justice, a 15/hour minimum wage, decent housing, school funding, and all the economic and social issues challenging Philly’s working class communities. We have work to do.

Tyreas Carlyle, David Jones, Heather Heyer – We will fight in your honor and we will win.


#Justice4DavidJones #Justice4TyreasCarlyle


4 thoughts on “We Will Fight In Your Honor – And We Will Win

  1. While it would be inspiring, I can find no evidence that Heather Heyer was an IWW member.
    Here is a post by IWW Ireland; “Heather Heyer the paralegal killed by the car driven by nazi James Fields at counter-demonstrator to the far right in Charlottesville. She came from the local area and was near a contingent from the Industrial Workers of the World when the attack took place. We are saddened and outraged by her death, and recommit the IWW to anti-fascist action.” I have found similar comments as well.


    • We relied on a number of news sources that stated she was an IWW member. It’s certainly possible that these reports were incorrect or conflated. However whether or not she was a member of the IWW, or another organization, doesn’t change our position of solidarity. An injury to one is an injury to all.


      • While I enjoyed seeing we were both awake after 3 am, I feel the need to point out that your 2nd sentence:
        “However…” is obvious to me and I assume to any reader of this blog. My purpose in writing to you was to get you to consider whether relying on the news sources you used was a good idea.
        The following is from the IWW facebook page:
        IWW General Defense Committee
        Yesterday at 2:18pm ·
        The following is a statement from an IWW/GDC member who was several feet away from the victims of the deadly Nazi attack yesterday. Please note, as of now, we have not heard of any member of the IWW or GDC who is seriously injured or dead from the attack, and we urge everyone to do everything they can to support those injured and the family of Heather Heyer. Links below:
        “Yesterday, those of us who were in Charlottesville witnessed a Nazi murder Heather Heyer and injure many others on Water Street. This was not an accident. I was 6 feet away and saw the racist ram his car into another car, which sent other cars, people, and glass flying. I saw the bodies. I heard the screens.
        The members and friends of the Raleigh-Durham IWW General Defense Committee who went to Charlottesville are all home safe. Contrary to reports that arose from video that showed us near the front of the line holding our IWW flags, no IWW members were killed…”

        The full above report is much longer; People who wish to read the rest I’m sure can find it.


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