Krasner Wins! Keep Building The Resistance!

Larry Krasner’s victory tonight was a decisive show of support from the people of Philadelphia for much needed changes in our broken criminal justice system. By taking a bold stand on the issues Larry showed that it is possible to win running a strong progressive campaign. The local activists who poured their heart and soul into this campaign deserve a huge amount of credit for this significant victory.

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The election of a progressive DA, while a positive step, is only a start. One person cannot be expected to change the political culture of the city establishment. We need to keep organizing to put pressure on the whole system of mass incarceration and racist policing. We need to be vigilant for any dirty tricks from the city’s political machines between now and the November general election. We need to do the hard work of building independent political power linking ‘movement building’ to electoral politics to win real system wide reforms to improve the quality of life for working people. We need a party of the 99%.


Keep Building The Resistance!

Friday 5/19/2017  6pm

1315 Spruce St – William Way LGBT Community Center Ballroom

Confirmed Speakers To Date:

Andres Celin – Organizer with Youth United For Change*

Erika Almiron Niz – Executive Director Juntos*

Klyde Breitton – Organizer with Philly Tenants Union and member of Philly Socialists

Marty Harrison – TUHNA Executive Board Member*, 15 Now activist, and Member of Socialist Alternative

*ID Only

SA On The Ground in Baltimore!

Socialist Alternative is here to help build a nationwide movement against racism and poverty!

Socialist Alternative Demands:

  • Indict the cops whose actions led to Freddie Gray’s death. Police Commissioner Batts should resign now. Drop the charges against arrested protesters.
  • End “broken windows” and “stop and frisk” policing with elected civilian boards with full powers over the police. Independent anti-racist candidates from community organizations and unions should run for these boards. End the policies which have led to mass incarceration of black youth.
  • Stop the militarization of the police! For the billions being spent on police weapons to be put towards schools, child care, health care and other community services.
  • For economic justice! For a $15 an hour minimum wage, guaranteed jobs for all, and a massive investment in public education and transit paid for by taxes on the super-rich and corporations.

Take Action!

  • Build mass protests against racism and poverty! For community organizations, unions and socialists to come together in coalitions to build coordinated days of action alongside “Black Lives Matter” for racial and economic justice.
  • All out on April 29th in solidarity with the people of Baltimore! Use May Day to step up the pressure! The whole system is guilty!