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Bernie has rallied millions of people for far-reaching change. Every vote won for Bernie is a vote for a national $15/hour minimum wage, free college tuition, Medicare For All and more. He polls higher than Clinton against Trump, yet the corporate media says he’s unelectable and the Democratic Party establishment has closed ranks around Clinton. Bernie won 75% of the caucus vote in Washington State, but all the state’s super delegates have said they will support Clinton. In Philly Mayor Kenny, Congressman Bob Brady, former Mayor and PA Gov. Ed Rendell, and the rest of the Democratic machine have endorsed Clinton, the candidate of war, Walmart and Wall St.

Pennsylvania is a battleground state and Bernie needs a big win to win a majority of pledged delegates. This is not impossible, but the big delegate deficit, the power of the corporate media, and Clinton’s ties to the democratic Party establishment makes it increasingly likely that Bernie’s campaign will be defeated in this rigged game.

We need Bernie on the ballot in November when even more people will pay attention. We need to keep fighting, but how can we make sure our movement for a political revolution does not end up imprisoned by the constraints of the Wall Street dominated democratic Party?

If the DNC and the Clinton machine steal this election, Bernie should break free from the narrow confines of the pro-corporate democratic Party and run as an independent as a step toward building a new party of the 99% which could organize the millions of people fed up with corporate politics as an independent political force.

But if Bernie accepts the results of the primaries and endorses Hillary Clinton, then the movement built by his campaign will be channeled into electing the same old corporate politics of the Democratic Party. Bernie should not allow the political revolution to die in the primaries. He should take the fight all the way to the General election in November, as an independent if necessary, or to develop a “Plan B” of supporting the strongest remaining left, anti-corporate challenger, Jill Stein of the Green Party. While Bernie’s campaign has vividly demonstrated how the DNC and the Democratic Party establishment have stacked the deck against us, the massive enthusiasm for Bernie has shown a new party is possible.

Lets use the structures we’ve built and leverage all our hard work to build independent working class politics. Bernie should call for a national conference of his grass roots supporters, unions and community organizations, and other Left and Progressive forces to discuss an independent challenge to Clinton and Trump, and begin making plans to run independent candidates on a pro-worker, anti-corporate platform.

Lets build a party of the 99%!

Bern thru to November!

Lets Build A Party Of The 99%!

Working people not only need to build a mass movement to fight for their interests, they also need to create a political tool to take on the billionaires – we need our own political party. The Democratic Party is tightly controlled in a top-down fashion by politicians who are funded by and indebted to big business. Working people and young people have been hugely inspired by Bernie’s refusal to take corporate campaign contributions – it shows clearly the grassroots basis of his campaign and his rejection of Wall Street’s control of politics. But it is not enough to have one candidate rejecting corporate money in a campaign based on grassroots forces.

We need a new political party of the 99%, with genuine democratic structures, which completely and openly rejects corporate money and corporate influence.