Mayor Kenney – It’s Time To Confront Racist Cops

  • Prosecute Killer Cops
  • End Stop and Frisk Now
  • Real Community Control Of The Police

The white supremacist demonstrations and the murder of Heather Heyer in Charlottesville have laid bare what people of color in Philadelphia already know: working people – and specifically Black and Brown people – face systemic violence on a daily basis in the United States.

From open police aggression in the street, to the structural defunding of urban public schools districts, to deportations in immigrant communities, to slave labor in prisons and hyper-low wages in the service sector, working class people in America struggle to survive. Overt racism and the resurgence of white supremacist organizing is not confined to the South. And racism itself isn’t confined to the KKK and the politicians like Donald Trump who directly abet them.

Structural racism is built into our society’s laws and the political actions of our elected officials at every level. Therefore, when we fight white supremacy, we must bring the fight home to Philadelphia. Our struggle must place demands on people like Mayor Jim Kenney, Police Commissioner Richard Ross and District Attorney Kelly Hodge. And as workers, activists, unions and faith-based organizations, we must build the mass movements in the streets to press these elected officials to change the PPD without delay.

Just this summer, we have lost two Black brothers to police violence here in Philadelphia. On August 11th, three police officers shot and killed handicapped man Tyreas Carlyle in North Philly in front of his grandmother. On June 8th, Officer Ryan Pownall murdered David Jones in Juniata as Jones fled. Pownall has a track record of reckless behavior. Seven years before murdering David Jones, Pownall paralyzed Black Philadelphian Carnell Williams-Carney by shooting him in the back. In another recent case, there  is a pending federal lawsuit against Officer Pownall for use of excessive force and unlawful arrest for his actions during a routine traffic stop in Philly in 2014. Pownall is still on the PPD payroll. He has not been terminated from his job, let alone tried for murder.

In the midst of this police violence, Mayor Kenney has called Philly “diverse and inclusive.” Democratic City Councilwoman Helen Gym has endorsed the removal of the infamous Frank Rizzo statue. More politicians will join her.  Socialist Alternative supports the removal of overt symbols of white supremacy, but words and symbols are just the beginning.

Philadelphians urgently need concrete, immediate reforms in the PPD to ease beatings, harassment and killings at the hands of police in our neighborhoods.

With the combined efforts of the labor movement, faith-based organizations, community  organizations, the families of victims of police brutality, socialists and other left forces, we can shut down the white supremacist right, and we can win justice for David Jones and Tyreas Carlyle. We can stop the PPD’s systemic violence against working people, poor, and specifically black and brown people. We can build a broad multi-racial, multi-gendered, working-class movement to fight for racial justice, a 15/hour minimum wage, decent housing, school funding, and all the economic and social issues challenging Philly’s working class communities.

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to Mayor Kenney, Commissioner Ross, and Interim District Attorney Hodge to demand that they:       

  • Prosecute Killer Cops –  The State Attorney General and District Attorney must move forward as quickly as possible with a transparent independent investigation into the murders of David Jones and Tyreas Carlyle, who was handicapped. We demand the prosecution of Police Officer Ryan Pownall, holding him accountable for his actions on June 8th and other documented misconduct on the job. We demand the prosecution of all 3 police officers who killed Tyreas Carlyle: Officer Anthony Carapucci, Officer Jason Keen, and Officer Christopher Rycek
  • End Stop and Frisk Now-  ‘Stop and Frisk’ is a racist police policy Mayor Kenney and Police Commissioner Ross can end today. Stop and Frisk means police can search anyone at any time for any reason. The policy leaves communities of color exposed to the racial biases of individual police officers. Mayor Kenney ran on eliminating the practice upon his election, and it’s far past time for him to act.
  • Institute Real Community Control Of The Police- Give the Police Advisory Commission real authority to investigate, discipline and fire racist and corrupt police officers. Philadelphia needs an accountable, democratically elected community oversight board with full powers over the police.

#Justice4DJ #Justice4Tyreas


We Will Fight In Your Honor – And We Will Win

We extend our sympathy and solidarity to the IWW and to friends and family of Heather Heyer, the IWW member who was murdered in Charlottesville VA by racist thugs while protesting the ‘Unite The Right’ rally.

/Update 8-16-17: as events have unfolded over the past several days there are conflicting reports concerning Heather’s membership in the IWW. We based our initial statement on various news sources and social media statements. We regret any additional confusion our statement may have caused. However whether or not Ms. Heyer was an IWW member, an individual activist, or an member of another left organization, our solidarity and commitment to her memory remains the same. An injury to one is an injury to all. /

While we can and should continue to discuss and debate the best tactics and strategy to build the broadest possible fightback against the racist right forces who have been emboldened by Trump, we have to ask ourselves why was the organized left and the black clergy left alone to mobilize against the KKK and the fascists? The rally in Charlottesville should have been met with massive mobilizations, demonstrations and the threat of strikes. Where were the progressive Democratic Party politicians, unions and community organizations that have the organizational capacity to lead the way against the far right and organize mass protests to stop this hate?

Back home in Philly the war against the working class continues. Developers are intent on turning our city into a playground for the rich. Foreclosures continue, rents are rising and working people are being forced out of neighborhoods where their families have lived for generations, our minimum wage has been locked at $7.25 for years, and fiscal crisis lurks under the surface of every city and school district budget.

While our attention is on the events in Charlottesville lets not forget that the Philly Police have shot and killed 2 unarmed men in the past 2 months. Lets have our vigils and grieve for the fallen, and then continue to fight against the systemic violence against working people, poor, and specifically black and brown people, by building a broad multi-racial, multi-gendered, working-class movement to fight for racial justice, a 15/hour minimum wage, decent housing, school funding, and all the economic and social issues challenging Philly’s working class communities. We have work to do.

Tyreas Carlyle, David Jones, Heather Heyer – We will fight in your honor and we will win.


#Justice4DavidJones #Justice4TyreasCarlyle

Krasner Wins! Keep Building The Resistance!

Larry Krasner’s victory tonight was a decisive show of support from the people of Philadelphia for much needed changes in our broken criminal justice system. By taking a bold stand on the issues Larry showed that it is possible to win running a strong progressive campaign. The local activists who poured their heart and soul into this campaign deserve a huge amount of credit for this significant victory.

Screenshot 2017-05-16 23.42.12

The election of a progressive DA, while a positive step, is only a start. One person cannot be expected to change the political culture of the city establishment. We need to keep organizing to put pressure on the whole system of mass incarceration and racist policing. We need to be vigilant for any dirty tricks from the city’s political machines between now and the November general election. We need to do the hard work of building independent political power linking ‘movement building’ to electoral politics to win real system wide reforms to improve the quality of life for working people. We need a party of the 99%.


Keep Building The Resistance!

Friday 5/19/2017  6pm

1315 Spruce St – William Way LGBT Community Center Ballroom

Confirmed Speakers To Date:

Andres Celin – Organizer with Youth United For Change*

Erika Almiron Niz – Executive Director Juntos*

Klyde Breitton – Organizer with Philly Tenants Union and member of Philly Socialists

Marty Harrison – TUHNA Executive Board Member*, 15 Now activist, and Member of Socialist Alternative

*ID Only

Continuing the Resistance after MayDay!

Making Philly a real sanctuary city.

Join us for a discussion on tactics and strategy to resist Trumps agenda and win.

The Trump administration is the most racist, reactionary, vicious, climate denying, pro business, anti working-class administration in decades. Along with the chaos and instability coming from White House, the Republicans have been emboldened at the state and city level to carry out attacks on immigrants, women, lgbtq people, unions, worker health and safety, wages, public education, unions, and environmental regulations.

The response by millions of youth and working class people to these attacks has been magnificent. Within hours of Trump’s election victory, we took to the streets to declare that we would resist. The ongoing wave of mass protests since Trump’s inauguration have underscored the complete lack of a mandate for his right wing policies. The temporary defeat of the Muslim ban and the departure of key cabinet appointments have shown that the Trump agenda can be beaten back.

But the fight is far from over. This administration will keep pushing its agenda as we saw last week when congress voted once more on repealing  the Affordable Care Act, this time passing it on to the Senate. Even more alarming, racist hate groups are seizing the political moment to come out of their holes and begin organizing in public, raising their banner and taking to the streets.

Philadelphia has declared itself a sanctuary city, that it will not cooperate with ICE on detaining suspected undocumented workers, and Mayor Kenny and City Council have said they will stand firm and defend it. This is a great first step, but to make Philly a real sanctuary city we have to go beyond simple non-cooperation with ICE and use our city’s resources to actively defend our immigrant sisters and brothers. We have to make Philly a real sanctuary city for all working people:

  • No one has sanctuary without a living wage to provide for themselves and their family. Philadelphia needs $15 and a union.
  • No one has sanctuary without a stable home. Philadelphia needs a massive program to rehab its crumbling housing stock, community control of development and strong tenant rights protections.
  • No one has sanctuary without access to quality healthcare. Philadelphia needs Improved Medicare for All.
  • No one has sanctuary without high quality public education. Philadelphia needs fair funding formula and a democratically elected school board.
  • No one has sanctuary without an end to the militarization of the police, mass incarceration, private prisons and the school-to-prison pipeline. Philadelphia needs a real democratically elected police review board with full powers to subpoena, hire and fire.

When we fight together to make Philadelphia a real sanctuary for immigrants, we make it a better city for all working people.

Join Us!

Friday 5/19/2017  6pm

1315 Spruce St – William Way LGBT Community Center Ballroom

Confirmed Speakers To Date:

Andres Celin – Organizer with Youth United For Change*

Erika Almiron Niz – Executive Director Juntos*

Klyde Breitton – Organizer with Philly Tenants Union and member of Philly Socialists

Marty Harrison – TUHNA Executive Board Member*, 15 Now activist, and Member of Socialist Alternative

*ID Only


Build a Movement Against Racism and Poverty!

IMG_5646   IMG_5651

Time to Fight Back!

Ferguson to Philly!  Spread the Protests!

Hundreds of Philadelphians take to the streets last night in solidarity with the family of Mike Brown, the community of Ferguson, and to show our contempt of the Grand Jury decision not to indict Darren Wilson.

  • Indict Darren Wilson with a full investigation into the Ferguson police by community groups and labor unions.
  • For elected civilian review boards in all cities with the power of hiring and firing as a step towards community con- trol of the police.
  • Stop the militarization of the police! For the millions spent on new police weaponry to be invested in schools, health care, housing and public works.
  • For economic justice! For guaranteed quality jobs with a $15 an hour minimum wage.
  • For a new Black Freedom Movement to build coordinated national protests against racism, police violence and economic inequality.

Mike Brown, Sunday’s Ferguson Rebellion & the Struggle for Black Liberation

Photo via @UrbanCusp
Photo via @UrbanCusp

Ferguson, a working class suburb north of St. Louis, erupted with outrage this weekend over the murder of Mike Brown, an 18-year-old African American boy, by a police officer. While mainstream media outlets largely ignored yet another police killing of an unarmed black youth, hundreds of grieving Ferguson residents took to the streets in the immediate aftermath of the shooting and demanded justice, many raising their arms and crying in unison “Please don’t shoot me.”

Witnesses of the murder say that Brown was walking to his grandmother’s apartment when a police officer in a patrol car told him and a friend to “get off the street.” Brown and his friend continued walking when the officer exited his car and fired a shot at the two men. Brown put his hands in the air and began to get down on the ground while the officer fired repeatedly, killing him. The Ferguson police department claims that Brown attacked the police officer and was shot afterwards, despite eyewitness accounts to the contrary.

It is clear that Mike Brown’s murder is yet another occurrence of the rampant police violence targeted at people of color across the United States. Last month, NYPD officers murdered Eric Garner, an unarmed black man selling loose cigarettes. In an under-reported incident in April in Philadelphia, two police officers in plain clothes shot 20-year-old Phillippe Holland, an unarmed African-American pizza delivery driver, after he drove away from them, thinking the officers were attempting to rob him. Holland did not die but was severely injured after being shot in the head, neck, and back.

Sunday night’s vigil in Ferguson was met with a heavy police presence. As the protest wore on, some participants engaged in looting and a local gas station was burned down. These actions represent the growing frustration and anger with unpunished police brutality, flagrant racism, and income inequality in America’s black working class neighborhoods.

Many onlookers are calling this looting “violence,” whereas a careful look reveals that the only “violence” that resulted in the injury of a human being yesterday was perpetrated by the state and by the police. Unfortunately US law under capitalism (and in turn the US media) prioritizes the preservation of corporate property over the destruction of black bodies.

Every capitalist state relies on this type of violence to reinforce and maintain property relations and systemic oppression. The police in such a state do not exist to protect and serve a diverse working-class, but the (largely white) ruling class and their corporations.

The question of Black liberation, however, does not easily reduce to a simple class question. There are special circumstances involved in the oppression of black people that require special attention and demands. The Ferguson rebellion cannot be dismissed as an unorganized or random occurrence and should not be called “the wrong way to express frustration.” Rebellions occur when a critical mass of oppressed people feel they have no other way to impact an unjust situation. Time and time again, police officers who brutalize people of color are treated with impunity, and Mike Brown’s friends and family now have no reasonable expectation of “justice” from the state. A police officer kills a black person every 28 hours in America. Nothing can bring our Mike Browns or Trayvon Martins back from the dead, and no amount of vigils or peace walks seem to be able to stop police violence in the future.

The Ferguson Rebellion demonstrates that working class people of color who are the victims of police brutality are actively seeking some alternative to our feckless elected leaders’ promises to “investigate” the police or “hold officers accountable.” All working class people–that’s you and me and everyone who is angry about Mike Brown’s death– need to build powerful organizations with an eye not just on punishing aberrant individual police officers, but on fundamentally overturning America’s racist police state and the capitalist system that relies on it.

Here in Philly there is a long history of police repression and corruption. The other day we were greated with the news of yet another scandal involving stolen drugs, money and planted evidence. Not only do the residents of Philly’s working class neighborhoods have to deal with unemployment, poverty wages, crime, and cuts in basic services, but we also have to suffer violence at the hands of those who are supposed to ‘protect and serve’.

We cannot rely on the city, state or feds to prosecute corrupt or violent police officers. We need independent democratically elected community police review boards with the power to investigate, discipline and dismiss racist, corrupt and violent officers. We need an end to ‘stop and frisk’. We need an end to the ‘war on drugs’ that is criminalizing our youth. We need decent schools and jobs in our communities.

It is the task of socialists to fight racism and all oppression with class unity, to build strategic channels for righteous anger that funnel energy towards dismantling the weapons of the ruling class, especially the weapons that overwhelmingly brutalize our black and brown brothers and sisters. These multiracial revolutionary channels will be built as we struggle together for a just socialist world. We stand in solidarity with the protesters in Ferguson and will be out this Thursday at 7pm at Love Park to stand alongside all Philadelphians building a movement against racist police brutality in our city and across the US.